9 year old writes their own absence note

Dear listeners,

The following looks like a list written by a nine year old who just bunked classes for the first time. What it actually is, Is the list of ailments my household has been struck by in the last 8 days. I say household… The only ailment my poor wife has suffered with is the putting up with and dealing with the rest of us. Husband, Three year old and seven month old. ( All of which make the taking of medicine as difficult as possible)


Ear infection

Chest infection



Hand, Foot & Mouth

The Flu

Sinus trouble

The dog ate my computer.

Okay. You got me on the last one. But for the couple of hundred listeners on a weekly basis. I am sorry. But the last 8 days that should have been in part editing this weeks episode has been errr… quite, quite full.

I am now almost fighting fit and nearly finished the edit. And will post your next episode accordingly.

Thanks to those whom have taken the time to express their good wishes. It’s appreciated very much.


Paul StewartComment