The Beginning

In the beginning there was an idea. Namely; that two siblings and their differing opinions could be entertaining listening. So with little equipment and less skill Dibz and I began to record our conversations. We wondered whether it would be best to hone some skill and invest in some better equipment before we released anything. But having edited and listened to some of our test recordings we decided that there were some in-jokes and some learning along the way that we just HAD to share. So in our first few releases you will note less than pristine edits and sound quality. But it’s not unlistenable to. And as the episodes fly by you will hopefully notice that the quality and content become better and better. Though they aren’t necessarily being released in recorded order.

We’ve invested a lot of our time in an attempt to have you enjoy a small investment in yours. And because we appreciate your investment, We would really love to hear your feedback and constructive (and polite if you don’t mind) criticism.